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Pure Beeswax Candles

Pure Beeswax Candles

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Hand made candles from our own pure beeswax.  The candles are carefully blended with sustainably sourced essential oils.  The Candles will emit a subtle blend of beeswax and essential oils producing a heavenly aroma.  There are three different essential oil blends:

Frankincense & Myrrh

Orange and Clove

Rosemary and Thyme

The bright flame of a beeswax candle produces the same beautiful light spectrum as the sun.  As the candle burns, negative ions are emitted that clean the air and, in turn, invigorate the body. Negative ions are drawn to positive ions.  Positive ions hold on to airborne things like dust, mold and odors; the negative ions latch on to the “contaminated” positive ions and weigh them down this causes the contaminated positive ions to fall to the ground thereby cleaning and purifying the air. A perfect example of this phenomenon is rainstorms. A rainstorm is a negative ionic event, which is why we say the air smells so fresh after a rainstorm. As the beeswax burns it gives off a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, subtle fragrance of a mixture of honey and the nectar of the flowers in the honeycomb.


The candle should provide approximately 12-15 hrs burning time depending on the conditions/environment. It will initially smoke a little black soot – this is quite normal. After a while it will settle down with a good flame


The candle is 3.5oz in weight.  


Before you light your candle:

As neither the wick nor the beeswax has any other additives, some care must be taken when first lighting to initialise your candle, and to prevent the wick from burning out before the candle has properly ignited.  To do this make sure the candle is away from any draughts and try creating very small ‘wax pool’ which will help the wax become absorbed into the wick. (This can be done by tipping the candle over and gently heating the wax around the wick for a couple of seconds. Be careful not to burn the wick away!) Then place the candle on a safe and stable surface and ignite the wick. The candle should burn for at least one our on it’s first burn to allow the wax pool to reach its optimum size (approx. 60mm)



 If the wick to burns down to the beeswax and then extinguishes itself – then this could be caused by a draught. If this happens you will need to use the end of a sharp knife to scoop out a 1cm diameter inverted cone around the wick (being careful not to cut the wick) and then re-lighting away from any draughts.  Your candle may take a few minutes to re-establish the correct wick/wax-pool ratio and should then perform normally.