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You can find the strangest things!

Monday, 08 October 2018

Nestled on the edge of the wood, on Saturday 6th October, I happened on this little beauty.  Growing in a damp, shady area of the wood, this purple crocus had emerged along with 4 others.  It's not the first year I have seen it but it is the first time that I really paid attention. It turns out that is a saffron crocus.  I picked the stamens and truly the smell is pungent, aromatic and without doubt has that familiar exotic aroma of saffron.  


Could I grow enough for our usage?  Yes is the answer.  Some 50/60 flowers will produce a teaspoon.  It's a relatively easy grower in the UK. It needs a fair amount of sunlight although ours is growing in dappled shade.  The flowers emerge in October time.  A pair of tweezers are required to gently extract the dark red or orange filaments.  Dry off in a dish for just 10 minutes and it's ready to use!  I think this is one for the shopping list!

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