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I love a good fig!

Monday, 10 September 2018

I love a good fig!

This summer has given joy in so many ways!  And for me, being able to pick fresh ripe figs off the tree has been one of those joys.  Never have I picked so many luscious sweet figs from my tree.  They are still coming thick and fast.  The problem is that they are so good I haven't been able to put any aside to make jam - they deserve quite simply to be opened up and eaten straight away.  

I have however, dried a few which will go into my Harvest Chutney, a batch of which is due to be made this week - pictures and details to follow so watch this space!  You can dry figs very slowly in the oven overnight or, if you have a dehydrator this does the job for you very simply.  They can then be used in many different ways, in puddings, cut up into small pieces and added to muesli or into chutneys as I am doing.  Either way, a great source of vitamins and a great snack!

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