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A final break away this summer?

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Woodlands are great places for kids to play and learn more about nature. Natural play is great for children's development: research has shown it can boost cognitive ., increase physical fitness, reduce symptoms of attention deficit disorder and even help improve grades in school!

 Take kids to the woods and they will often quickly start playing using their own imaginations. 

We still have availability this August in our yurts and cabins nestled in an ancient piece of woodland.  Please go to our Accommodation page to see the selection of 4 cabins and 2 yurts.  You and your children can then have fun in the woods and here are some free and fun ideas of things to do:-

Woodland artists

Find an area of bare earth and draw a 'canvas' of about 1m x 1m with a stick. Now the children try to make a picture within the canvas using what they can find such as earth, bark, grasses and stones. 

 Touching trees

Take blindfolds with you to the woods. Pick an area where there are plenty of trees but not many hazards underfoot like nettles, thorny bushes, holes etc. Have the children pair up with one child wearing the blindfold. The other child leads the blindfolded child by a complicated route to one of the trees. Once there, the blindfolded child must feel and smell the tree until they really know it's texture and features. They are then led away, the blindfold is removed, and they must try to find 'their' tree. Then the kids swap over. You might need to set boundaries so there aren't too many trees to choose from.

 Catch a Falling Leaf

This is a game for the Autumn only, on a windy day. Get the kids to look up into the sky and watch the trees, waiting for a gust of wind. When leaves fall, it's a race to catch them. The winner is the person who catches the most leaves. No cheating by picking them up from the floor!


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