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Woodland Restoration Project

Tuesday, 09 February 2021

Our Woodland’s History

Our woodland was originally part of a much larger forest known as Anderida, which covered much of Kent and Sussex during Roman times.

In the 16th Century, Henry VIII took down most of the big oak trees to build his warships. There was also a thriving local iron industry, making canons for his ships.

Our woodland was used to grow ash trees which produced charcoal to fuel the iron furnaces. We have several old iron pits in our woodland, which fill up with water, creating ponds during the winter months. In the spring these are surrounded by beautiful bluebells and orchids.




Winter Harvest

Monday, 05 November 2018

As winter approaches, there's time to deal with the remainder of the harvest so the pots and pans and chopping boards and knives come out.........but what to make with all this plunder?


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